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Memorandum of Association contains the name of the company, object clauses,These are a selected Memorandum of Association Clauses .. To win, gat, work, raise, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, amalgamate, quarry, reduce, wash, crush

Memorandum & Articles of Association

Copies of Memorandum and Articles to be sent to Members . . with the Company&#;s objects or which it may be advisable to undertake with a view to .. sale and consumption of provisions, both liquid and solid and for the safe custody of .. rights and lands or any interest therein and to quarry, mine, dress, reduce, draw,

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resoiution and with the approval of the RegiStrar of Companies has changed its name . The objects for which the Company is formed and incorporated are *l) to act . Act or memorandum and subject to the provisions of this Act every company shall have . (e) mining and quarrying and exploration for metals, mineral.

the companies act,Magnum Berhad

telephonic, telegraphic, and power supply works, quarries, crushing worksconveniences, provisions, and things capable of being used in connection with . objects of the Company as mentioned in this Memorandum of Association and of

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The company&#;s name is “Fintry Renewable Energy Enterprise”.of any such other company shall be an object and not a power of the company. . B) in this clause and throughout this memorandum of association the wordQuarry Road.


MEMORANDUM OF ASSOCIATIONThird*: – The objects for which the Company is established are:– .. (i) where the context so admits the word “company” in this clause shall be deemed to include any . Quarry Bay,.


The objects for which the Company is established are:(f) To mine, quarry, search for, get, win, work, dress, shape, mould, hew, polish, crush . this clause shall except where otherwise expressed in such paragraph, be in no wiseformed into a Company in pursuance of this Memorandum and Association, and we.

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The Main Objects for which the Company is established are :stone quarrying, concrete manufacturing in all respective branches, and other allied .. Clause. Existing in RINL.. In the interpretation of Memorandum of Association and these

Memorandum of AssociationGulf Keystone

memorandum any of the following objects, that is to say the business of. (a). (b). (a)mining and quarrying and exploration for metals, minerals, fossil fuels and precious(referred to in Clauseof the Memorandum of&#;Association) to borrow

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The memorandum of association of company, often simply called the memorandum is one ofWhen the first limited companies were incorporated, the objects clause had to be widely drafted so as not to restrict the board of directors in their

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Company LawSome useful Main object clauseIIuseful sample Main object clauses for the drafting of your Memorandum and Article of . elsewhere the business to manufacture, produce, process, excavate, quarry, melt,

Articles and Memorandum of AssociationThe KCP…

CERTIFICATE FOR COMMENCEMENT OF BUSINESS . appliances, Quarries and Miners, Confectioners, Food processing plants,(The amendment to Clause IIIof the Memorandum of Association of the Company by insertion of Articletheir discretion, in order to implement any of the above mentioned objects or

Memorandum And Articles of Association of TECH MAHINDRA…

(A) The main objects of the Company to be pursued by the . activities of the Company authorised in this memorandum and in .. for numeral ores, petroleum, gas and to mine, quarry and otherwise raise minerals .. (iv) Subject to the provisions of Companies Act,, the objects set forth in any clause.

jindal stainless (hisar) limitedJSHL

To search, win, work, get, raise, quarry, smelt, refine, dress, manufacture,*Object Clause III (B) (The Objects Incidental or Ancillary to the attainment of Main .. the Memorandum of Association of the Company as altered from time to time.

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() To carry on the business of quarry masters and stone merchants, and to .. that the objects specified in each paragraph of this clause shalt, except where.


The Objects for which the company is established are: (A) THE MAIN OBJECTSTo produce, manufacture, quarry, extract, treat, process, prepare, refine, import,Subject to the provisions of the Companies Act,, to incur or pay out of the.

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Provisions in case of Preference Shares.. Share Equivalent.Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association to be sent to Members.. The Objects for which the Company is established are :**A. MAINcompounding, developing, deriving, discovering, searching, mining, quarrying, releasing,.

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Company having objects altogether or in part similar to those of this Company.purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities, subject to the provisions of Section .. from, get mine quarry, crush, wash, smelt, dress, manipulate, treat, work,


pursuant to the provisions of Sectionand other applicableItem No.: Alteration of the Object Clause of the Memorandum of Association of the Company() To crush, win, get, quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress,

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